Very Friendly & Good People!

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ABQ Coins is the first and usually the only place I go to buy and sell gold, silver and coins. The owner is always quite polite and very helpful, especially to new customers that need someone they can trust in a hobby they may not fully understand. It's the type of place you can send your grandmother and not be ...

I will definitely go back!

Albuquerque Coins Reviews

I tried a different coin shop, but the owner was uptight and somewhat condescending. The owner at Albuquerque Coins had a quirky sense of humor and gave me a better price. I will definitely go back.Eric Roll

How to Find The Value Of Old Coins

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Look at the date on the coin. In general, the older the coin is, the more it will be worth. Not all coins have dates on them. Modern dating for European coins dates back only to the early 17th century. Among coins that display dates, not all those dates are according to the Gregorian calendar. Israel and India each follow …

Starting Your Coin Collection

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You can start your own coin collection with the coins you receive in change on a daily basis while you are learning all the ins and outs of the hobby at the same time. That way, you can actually get a taste of coin collecting without worrying about spending a lot of money or taking a chance of actually losing …

How to Handle & Clean Your Coins

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At first you may be skeptical of the information in this section, but it’s important advice that will stay with you as long as you collect. We all are used to touching and holding coins. You pull out a handful and spend them, or pay for something and put the rest back in your pocket or purse. How did you …

Doing Research for Coin Collecting

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Doing Research for Coin Collecting Research for coin collecting is a very important aspect of the hobby. Without it you would not be able to identify and ascertain the value of a coin or coins you have in your possession or any that you may consider adding to your collection. The first piece of research for coin collecting is to …